Holistic Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapies in East London

About Me

Certified Sports, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage (Richdales Institute) in East London.


I am able to help with a wide range of health issues and musculoskeletal conditions as well as stress relief by channeling deep relaxation. My bodywork not only focuses on your physical condition but is also mindful of your individual psyche. I strongly believe in the direct link between emotions and their manifestation in your body and these two are given much attention throughout your session to create a healthy balance and improve your wellbeing. 


I am seeing a wide variety of different clients. Some see me to treat injury recovery, pain or high muscle tension, some visit the clinic for holistic relaxation and some request integrating the two. I am also experienced in working with post-trauma, and clients with special needs. 


Your session with me will be tailored to your mind-body needs in a safe, non-judgmental and trustful client-therapist relationship. I am welcoming you to visit my clinic and customize your own treatment plan to meet your own needs and preferences. 

Among the conditions I treat:

Muscle tension ✧ Injury rehabilitation ✧ Sleeping disorders ✧ Migraines ✧ Joint dysfunctions ✧ IBS ✧ Anxiety ✧ Depression ✧

The clinic is located in a residential building in the Olympic Village, East London E20.


Book me also in Hackney at 

Holistic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on improving energy levels and vitality, encouraging relaxation and reducing stress. 

Relatively slower movements and lighter pressure


Targeting muscle hypertension and aids in its release by reaching the deep muscle fibres using

pressure techniques 

Sports Massage

Focusing on muscles that are under constant stress due to your life activity or a sudden muscle ache.


Treatment Packs

Book five sessions for a discounted rate

*Prices Vary*



Any questions? Couldn't find your slot? 

Mirabelle Gardens

E20 1BS

East London,

United Kingdom


Tel: +447923661757

Email: tomer.massagetherapy@gmail.com

Located in East London, 5 min walk from Stratford station, in the new Olympic Village 

Send me a text message, write to me via WhatsApp or drop me a message here

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