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Holistic, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapies in East London

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About Me

Certified in Holistic, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage, and recently qualified as a physiotherapist from the University of East London.

I specialize in alleviating joint and muscle stiffness, tension, pain, and reduced mobility caused by stress, postural imbalances, sports activities, injuries, and other musculoskeletal conditions that affect your quality of life.

I am also dedicated to helping you manage stress by channelling a sense of peaceful relaxation. My approach often goes beyond physical treatment to create a holistic experience, balancing both body and mind.

Whether you are looking to treat a physical condition, manage stress, or address both, your session with me will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We will discuss your goals in a safe, non-judgmental, and trusting environment to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

The clinic is located in a residential building in the Olympic Village, East London, E20.


Every one is included

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Guest Therapists:

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Rudolf Balazs

Rudolf approaches his treatments as an art form that nurtures, awakens, and strengthens your whole body and mind and encourages them to heal and rejuvenate, allowing you to discover deeper layers of inner peace. 
He focuses on Attachment Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue Release, utilising various massage techniques. He believes in gradually applying pressure, thus minimising discomfort and allowing your body and mind to relax while increasing joint mobility and flexibility. He is able to help with chronic tension and injuries, general muscle tension, and reducing stress and anxiety. 
As a professional violinist, He also specialises in treating common muscle tension strain and injuries in musicians caused by repetitive motions. ​​

Giorgiana Marc

With extensive experience in Holistic, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage Therapy, I am deeply committed to the positive impact of massage on well-being. My clients benefit from a personalized approach that caters to their physical, mental, and emotional needs, using techniques ranging from deep pressure for muscle tension to gentle, relaxing strokes.

Versatility is central to my practice. I skillfully combine various massage styles to craft a unique experience for each client. I strive to create a relaxing, balanced environment for my clients, focusing on enhancing their overall well-being and fostering a harmonious lifestyle through skilled massage therapy.


£5 off first session

Andy Carthy

Drawing from my background as a dancer, I bring a unique understanding of body mechanics to my practice in Holistic, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage Therapy. I combine this with soothing techniques to provide tailored treatments that address both physical ailments and mental relaxation.

Skilled in various massage styles, I adapt to each client's needs, aiming to ease physical discomfort and enhance overall well-being. My approach balances therapeutic bodywork with a serene environment, offering a holistic experience that nurtures both mind and body.

Sinead Taylor

As a specialized Deep Tissue and Sports Massage therapist and a newly qualified physiotherapist, I bring extensive experience and expertise to my practice. My background in kickboxing helps me understand the physical demands and stresses on the body.

I believe stress manifests both physically and mentally. By adjusting my techniques, I can effectively treat each aspect or both together, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your well-being. My physiotherapy knowledge allows me to target muscle tension precisely, applying firm pressure for optimal relief.

If you're looking to reduce stress or promote mind-body balance, I am dedicated to designing your session to meet your specific needs and help you achieve a harmonious, healthy state, both physically and mentally.

Holistic Massage

A relaxing massage which calms the mind and reduces everyday physical and emotional tension on the body.

Focuses on improving energy levels and vitality, encouraging relaxation and reducing stress. 

Relatively slower movements and lighter pressure

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Massage in East London
Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses on finding areas of tension in your body and encouraging their release. It involves advanced pressure techniques and tissue manipulation to target deeper muscle layers and trigger points while still encouraging relaxation.

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Massage in East London
Sports Massage

Tailored for those who regularly participate in sports activities, it thoroughly targets specific muscles to promote flexibility, prevent injuries, and aid recovery. Used before and after events, it employs various vigorous techniques based on your specific needs.

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Massage in East London
Hot Stones and Holistic Massage (unavailable during summer months)

This type of massage uses strokes of hand-held, heated basalt stones. The stones' warmth allows you to reach a deeper state of relaxation than hand strokes alone. As your skin and muscles are warmer, the therapist can also reach deeper muscle layers.

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Massage in East London
Warm Bamboo and Holistic Massage  
(unavailable during summer months)

Warm and soothing. Each bamboo stick is used by rolling over your muscles, providing a unique kneading method that engages more muscles at a time. The pressure can be light for targeting a deeper state of relaxation or firmer for breaking down knots. 

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Massage in East London
Treatment Packs  

Prepay for five sessions with a 10% discount

*Prices Vary*

Massage in East London

Wanna hear from me sometimes when there's a special offer and other notifications? (I won't be a nag!)

Your'e in :)


Any questions? Couldn't find your slot? 

Mirabelle Gardens,

E20 1BS


East London,

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7355 079 050


Mirabelle Gardens is Located in East London, 5 min walk from Stratford station, in the new Olympic Village 

Send me a text message, write to me via WhatsApp or drop me a message here

Thanks for your message! You will hear from me soon!

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