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Staff love feeling valued, and it’s no secret that small perks and treats increase their motivation and performance. Unlike the usual give outs like vouchers, goodies and outings, choose to surprise them with a massage, at work. 


Both dynamic or static office jobs many times neglect correct and healthy body postures. Sitting on chairs for long hours slows down blood circulation and shifting back and forth from writing to reading to typing distracts us from keeping a correct alignment. Many office workers often complain about neck stiffness, headaches and back pain which can be easily treated by massage. 


Based on the space you can designate to the treatments, I will form the correct plan that will ensure each staff member will have time to enjoy their short session. 


Chair massage is performed through clothes so there’s no reason to worry about damaging the clothes. 


Prices for this service vary depending on your location and number of staff, so please feel free to contact me for a quote.

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